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Janssens Dynamic, located in Newton, Kansas, has created a proprietary software toolkit, ViewVerge, that provides real-time 2D to 3D conversion, native 3D to 3D enhancement, and 2d 360 to 3d 360 conversion for images and videos. It is an exciting current and nextgen mobile infrastructure software technology, that together with innovations in the areas of 3D capture, 3D display, content creation, VR and AR, promise to bring 3D to the consumer mass and make media indistinguishable from reality.

“When you present the brain with what it expects to see, 3D becomes real-time, automatic, mobile, natural, and comfortable.” Just like real-life. Using novel assumptions in vision science and relativistic physics, the active ViewVerge process achieves high-quality and sustainable 3D content conversion and enhancement for any system with a 3D-display.

In this way, ViewVerge has achieved the impossible: high quality real-time 3d conversion and enhancement of all media (including 360 video), unparalleled viewer comfort, and last but not least, it can ALL be processed on the sole power of a cell phone.

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Are you an end-user wanting to enjoy ViewVerge 3D conversion & enhancement at home or a business interested in licensing or partnership using ViewVerge software technology for your content or on your device? Check out our functional capabilities in PC-based virtual reality (VR), mobile VR, and television.

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